Mobile Savings App Campaign



Our Challenge: 

Sundial Product’s “Shea Moisture” line of personal care and beauty products needed to drive awareness, trial, and retail purchase. The portfolio has an extensive line of natural, organic, and sustainably produced products targeting multi-cultural “beauty conscious” women age 18-34. An additional marketing objective was to generate multiple Shea Moisture purchases across a range of beauty categories (hair, bath & body, face, eye & lip). With a lean budget and a short “go to market” timeline, the agency needed to identify a targeted, cost efficient shopper marketing platform focusing on sales movement in CVS & Rite Aid.


Our Solution:

Mobile savings apps were identified as the most effective platform to reach the female millennial target audience. The mobile savings app competitive landscape had over 15 qualified vendors, all with distinctive capabilities & limitations. The agency vetted and selected a  supplier, negotiated costs, structured the offer, and then executed the program. A $5.00 reward for purchasing $20.00 in Shea Moisture products was designed to drive trial and purchase across multiple categories. This highly efficient initiative exceeded project KPIs. Extensive pre and post purchase behavior information provided actionable insights for future campaigns.


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