Gourmayo Launch Activation

French's regional launch activationOur Challenge: 

Reckitt Benckiser launched a new flavored mayonnaise line under the French’s flagship banner. This competitive category features three large players that dominant shelf space and retail activity. The introduction was planned for a west coast regional roll out.


Our Solution: 

Design a comprehensive retail activation plan targeting category users in key accounts by region. Incorporate learnings from west coast launch to optimize new product activation in the balance of the country. A compelling offer was necessary to gain strong retail support and generate high turns in this challenging category.


Free rebate offerThe Consumer: 

Teaser coupons and messaging in French’s Mustard FSI’s generated awareness and trial on the west coast. High impact platforms further supported the in-store activation of the offer including: in-store Shelftalk, Instant Coupon Machine, try me free tear pads, and in-store taste sampling demos in high volume doors. Competitive users were also targeted through Catalina loyalty card purchase data.

 Regional consumer promotionPromotional merchandisers


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Integrated Consumer Promotion Facebook Digital CouponNew Product Launch Campaign
Targeted Sampling ProgramCoupon CampaignLoyalty Card Sweepstakes
Mobile SAvings App Walmart Tie-in Loyalty Card Sweepstakes